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Sleep Support Travel Spray

$18.99 or $18.99 $15.19 / month

My Riviera Life CBD Sleep Support Spray, our # 1 selling product is a “game changer” for those who are experiencing difficulty falling or staying asleep.  Falling asleep shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Sleep provides an opportunity for your body to rest and process information by creating new learning and memory pathways in the brain. Not getting enough sleep over a long period of time can affect your body’s ability to perform these functions.

Our special blend of CBD, melatonin and nutrients help promote a long restorative sleep without ingredients that can lead to addition or feeling groggy.  Oral absorption is up to 90% effective, allowing your body to utilize ingredients fast.

Benefits: Used nightly promotes good sleep habits and helps you maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

  • Scientifically Tested to be Safe & Effective
  • Tangy Fruit  flavor
  • Available in 8ml travel size bottle or 30ml glass bottle

How to Use: Shake before using, spray up to 4-6 sprays under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds before swallowing, use 15 minutes before bedtime nightly

Sku: 42
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