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Intensive Relief Rub with 10% Emu Oil

$34.99 or $34.99 $27.99 / month

Pain can be debilitating, throwing a wrench into your day. Finding a solution that is both powerful enough, yet features healthy and natural active ingredients can be difficult to do.


My Riviera Life Intensive Relief CBD Rub Cream with Emu oil is packed with a high concentration of 500mg of CBD that effectively binds to our CB2 receptors, to help deeply penetrate and melt away tension related to pain, sore muscles, and joints. Emu oil contains fatty acids that add to the reduction of pain and swelling. Our therapeutic balm is fast-absorbing and moisturizing.

Benefit:  Provides fast, deep, penetrating relief from muscle aches, soreness, and nerve and joint discomfort.

How to use:  Massage a nickel-sized dollop of cream onto the skin in the area of pain typically offers relief within 5-10 minutes that is long-lasting.

  • Non-Greasy, fast-absorbing & moisturizing
  • Subtle scent of peppermint & menthol
  • 3.8 oz jar/ 500 mg CBD & 10 % Emu oil
  • Scientifically Tested to be Safe & Effective

Sku: 103
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