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Rest, rejuvenate, de-stress—you need it.

 Find sheer relaxation at home with My Riviera Life’s organic CBD.

Treat yourself and your body to an at-home spa day with My Riviera Life’s At-Home Spa bundle. Serving up everything you need to simply relax, this CBD bundle is good for the body and mind. Soak away pain, frustration, and cares with one of three CBD bath bombs: Soothe, Dream, or Decompress. Rejuvenate your face and tired skin cells with a CBD-infused dead sea mud mask, which is full of minerals from the Mediterranean known to fight signs of aging. Achieve relief from aches and pain with a massage using the CBD massage oil. You’ve given your all to everyone else, but this CBD bundle is all for you.

Why CBD?

CBD creates a pleasant, noticeable lift in mood and a deep feeling of relaxation. This is why we’ve created our products using only the best available CBD and botanicals.

“The 100mg CBD bath bomb was a life-changing experience. I’ve never had a better night’s sleep in my  life.”

The Highest Quality CBD. No Exceptions.

We promise to deliver the finest CBD products on the market, contributing a sense of peace and holistic wellbeing to our customers’ daily lives. Unlike conventional CBD brands, we ensure the highest quality lab-tested products, formulated for active lifestyles that crave what My Riviera Life has to offer.
Organically Grown Hemp
All Natural
THC Free
Made in the U.S.A.
No Harsh Chemicals
Eco Friendly
Gluten Free
Good manufacturing practice,
Quality Product

What’s included in the At-Home Spa Bundle?


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