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Letting Go of 2020: The Benefits of Bathing

December 17, 2020
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Bathing has always been more than just a way to get clean. Cleopatra immersed herself in milk and honey to retain her beauty. The Romans soaked in hot mineral water to stay healthy. In Medieval Japan, bathing was even based on a Buddhist principle of purity.

Modern-day bathing is much more accessible and requires less preparation. And those deep-seated desires to soak are ever-present.

We love to take baths—it’s the ultimate form of relaxation!

Beyond the relaxing benefits of a nice soak, bathing may even have physical and mental therapeutic value. In a study published by the Japan Health & Research Institute, bathing improved fatigue, pain, and stress scores and seemed to improve mental health and social functioning.

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s time to move toward the new year free of this year’s stresses. Bathing may just be the healing ritual you need to feel refreshed and renewed.

Up the Therapeutic Value of Your Bathing Experience with CBD

If you really want the best bath ever, CBD (cannabidiol) is a worthy bath-time companion. This one little cannabinoid has all kinds of properties that complement the benefits of a bath. It may help you:

Drop in a CBDBath Bomb, drizzle in a bit of CBD Massage or Body Oil, or slather on a CBD Dead Sea Mud Mask before settling into the water to soak. You may even decide to light a few candles, turn on some soothing music, and lower the lights for a true at-home spa experience.


Bathing: The Simple At-Home Healing Ritual

After a long day out in the winter chill or simply a stressful day (or year!), sinking into a hot bath can be oh-so-soothing. Anyone who loves to bathe will tell you that you leave the water feeling renewed and relaxed. But a good soak in a hot tub of water may have therapeutic value.

Sleep Better

During a hot bath, your core body temperature goes up. When you get out, that temperature falls slowly. This change can put you in a more relaxed state and ready for bed. People sleep “deeper” after a hot bath due to passive body heating. In one study, subjects who took a bath in water at 105℉ about an hour and a half before bed had more restful sleep.

Soothe Inflammation

A soothing hot soak may have anti-inflammatory effects on the body. So if you’re feeling sore and achy, a long, hot bath may be just what you need to feel better.

Calm Anxiety

Bathing can be an easy way to wash away stress of the day. Simply soak in the stillness of the water and focus on peaceful thoughts. Even feeling clean may help reduce anxiety once you leave the bath. Your long soak may even lower your blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and helping your blood flow easier.

Send 2020 Off in Peace with a Holiday Gift for Yourself

Every year brings a new opportunity to live your most rewarding life. If you’re ready to soak your cares away as 2020 comes to a close, consider a true holiday gift for yourself with an At-Home CBD Spa Bundle from My Riviera Life. Including a DecompressSoothe, and Dream CBD Bath BombCBD Massage Oil, and Dead Sea Mud Mask with CBD, this bundle is everything your body needs to be kind to yourself and see off 2020 in true bliss.

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