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What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

December 10, 2020
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My Riviera Life CBD Holiday Bath Bomb Gift

There’s no better gift for yourself or others than the gift of relaxation. Bath bombs are dissolvable balls of goodness you drop in the bath. When the “bomb” hits the water, it fizzes as it breaks down and releases all that goodness into your bathwater.

From essential oils to nutrients, a bath bomb can be made with a number of agents like natural oils and nutrients to benefit the skin and deliver a nice fragrance. Ingredients like lavender, peppermint, and citrus essential oils, and cannabidiol (CBD) even yield therapeutic value, such as antibacterial benefits or anti-inflammatory actions. The marriage of CBD and bath bombs delivers a bath-time product perfectly suitable for ultimate relaxation.

The Body-Mind Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

Bathing is good for the body all by itself, but a CBD bath bomb can heighten the body-mind benefits. Specifically, a CBD bath bomb may make your bath even more relaxing. The CBD is absorbed into your body as you soak to deliver those noteworthy calming properties. Some of the other benefits of CBD bath bombs may include:

  • Eases inflammation throughout the body
  • Soothes the skin
  • Prepares you for better sleep
  • Reduces tension and soreness in your muscles
  • Support muscle recovery

CBD bath bombs are an effortless, pleasant way to reap the benefits of CBD while you relax in a bath. Much like topical CBD products, CBD in a bath bomb is slowly absorbed by the skin, so the effects are gentle and easy.

What 100mg of CBD Means in a Bath Bomb

CBD bath bombs are available in many potency levels. At My Riviera Life, each bath bomb is made with 100mg of hemp-based CBD. The 100mg dosage is a fairly high dosage compared to some bath bombs that may only have 35, 50, or 75mg of CBD. While 100mg may sound like a lot, the ingredients in the bath bomb are dispersed into the water. Therefore, only some of the CBD will be absorbed into the skin as you bathe. This dosage was mindfully chosen to ensure you reap the most benefits from the experience.

A Note About Other Bath Bomb Ingredients

As noted earlier, bath bombs can have a lot of different ingredients. As you shop for CBD bath bombs, look for those that have quality ingredients that support the actions of the CBD. For example, lavender supports a sense of calm and lemon aromatics may enhance your mood.

My Riviera Life Bath Bombs are created with soothing essential oil blends to naturally highlight certain CBD qualities. Our Decompress Bath Bomb with 100mg of CBD is made with a blend of essential oils like peppermint, orange, and lavender to help support a state of calm.

Give the Gift of Stress Relief with Quality CBD Bath Bombs

Life has given us all so much to consider in 2020, and so many are feeling more stressed than usual. If you have people on your holiday gift list who need a little renewal and rejuvenation, CBD bath bombs can make the perfect gift. Everyone deserves the gift of calmness and inner peace—even you.

Take a look at our CBD bath bombs at My Riviera Life, which are available in three unique formulations including SootheDream, and Decompress. Or, for a full at-home spa experience, consider the At-Home CBD Spa Bundle.

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