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COVID-19 Stressing You Out? CBD May Offer Support

January 15, 2021
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COVID-19 stepped in during 2020 and left many of us living a totally different life. From concerns about illness and staying healthy to dealing with quarantine or lockdown, stress and anxiety have become an understandable part of the pandemic. Heightened CBD sales recently suggest people are leaning on CBD (cannabidiol) a little more during all this, and they may have a good reason. When things in life get a bit stressful, a natural way to refocus and unwind can do a lot of good. Let’s take a look at how CBD can be used as a healthy way to relieve anxiety around COVID-19 and quarantine.

Unwind with the Stress-Reducing Qualities of CBD

With COVID-19 taking center stage, your self-care intentions may be on the back burner and stress levels at their highest. A little self-care can do a lot for your overall mood, thought processes, and mental health. CBD can help ease stressful situations in so many ways simply because of how it interacts with the body.

Lower anxiety levels.

CBD can induce an overall state of calm by regulating the body’s response to anxiety. So if anxieties about COVID-19 or missing out on your usual life have you on edge, implementing CBD may yield some stress relief. You may want to try CBD Stress Relief Spray if you’re having an especially anxious moment.

Get some much-needed rest.

Good sleep is so important for your mental health. But, sleep may be tough when you’re worried about a global pandemic and life changes caused by COVID-19. CBD has been shown to help improve sleep quality by reducing anxiety levels. If everything going on has your rest interrupted, it may be worth trying CBD Sleep Support Spray.

Relieve aches and pains caused by undue tension.

CBD interacts with the body’s neural messaging center to induce a state of physical relaxation and alter pain perception. So, if your body is feeling especially tense because you’ve been stressed out, something like a CBD Roll-On may help.


Allow CBD to Make Quarantine a Bit More Enjoyable

Social isolation that can come along with stay-at-home orders is tough. We humans are social creatures, so when we’re in quarantine or have no choice but to distance ourselves from others, days can feel a bit gray. Pair the loneliness with uncertainty about surrounding events and stress can truly settle in. If you’re stuck at home, try to focus on a little self-care with the help of CBD.

Try a hot bath with a CBD bath bomb.

Soaking away your worries in a hot bath can be a superior way to find stress relief. If you’re having an especially challenging day, pair a hot bath with a Decompress CBD Bath Bomb laced with calming essential oils.

Practice self-massage with CBD-infused massage oil.

Stress can lead way to bodily tension and even pain. Self-massage is an easy way to release some of that physical tension and discomfort. Pick up My Riviera Life CBD Massage Oil or Intensive Relief CBD Rub with Emu Oil and give yourself a rubdown or target tense points.

Make the New Year About Taking Care of You with CBD

The dawn of the New Year always encourages a desire for new beginnings. COVID-19 may have followed us into 2021, but last year’s stress doesn’t have to hinder your plans for a fresh personal start. Try a CBD Bath Bomb Trio with Decompress, Soothe, and Dream bombs and make quarantine a little more bearable. You may even consider picking up a CBD Pain and Inflammation Bundle to have on hand if you happen to get sick or consider gifting a bundle to a friend. No matter what, My Riviera Life is here as we move through the new year and focus on self-care together!


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