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7 Ways to Recreate the Spa Aesthetic at Home

August 4, 2020
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It might be that your favorite spa is closed right now. Even if it is open, you may be thinking that it’s better to stay at home because of COVID-19. Either way, none of this means that you need to skip the spa experience entirely! We all need some time to unwind and refresh ourselves. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to recreate this experience at home. Here are a few of our favorite tips to give your bathroom an aesthetic that offers a spa-like look and feel.

1. Soft Hues Lend a Fresh Look

No matter what type of spa experience you’d like to create—relaxing, energizing or refreshing—the best way to achieve it is through your color scheme. Above all else, spas should be clean, fresh and bright. Lots of whites in your bathroom will help you achieve this look. That’s because bright shades reflect a lot of light, which not only brightens the space, but makes it feel more expansive. This may mean you need a fresh coat of paint for the walls, ceiling and cabinetry to get the look.

In some bathrooms, it might be difficult to stick with a pure white color scheme, or you may want to tone down the brightness just a little with the addition of some other shades. To build out your palette, think about the precise effect you want to create. If you’re looking for trendy and upscale, it could mean a black and white palette. You may find neutral tones calming, and if you’re into the natural look, that is best achieved with wood shades, browns or even a bit of green.

2. Lighting Sets the Mood

Lighting is often overlooked as an architectural element, but it’s one of the key ways you can create the exact right atmosphere. The thing to remember is that where lighting is concerned, it’s not just about practicality, but also about creating mood. Of course, you’ll want mirrors and other workspaces brightly lit — but it’s also nice to enjoy ambient lighting as you soak in the bath.

There are lots of options to consider. First off, if your bathroom has windows, then it may be time to do away with blinds of heavy curtains so that you can let the natural light in. If privacy is a concern, sheers are a great alternative to let light through while allowing for seclusion.

Where other types of lighting are concerned, the options are virtually endless. Pendant lights add a lot of visual interest while wall sconces around your mirror can make the space feel classic and cozy. Under cabinet lighting is a growing trend that shows off beautiful cabinets to great effect while adding subtle mood lighting to help you relax. There are lots of other options, too, so be sure to check out a variety of fixture styles in order to find the ones that will create that perfect atmosphere.

3. Plants Bring a Lush Feel

Plants are a wonderful addition to your at home spa, and for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, they add a lot of natural beauty to the space. Most bathrooms aren’t blessed with windows overlooking beautiful gardens—but you can achieve this clean, green and restful feeling with a few choice greens. Ferns, philodendrons and spider plants are all options that will add plenty of green and will flourish in many bathrooms.

Another reason to add plants to your spa experience? Pretty foliage not only looks fresh, but it helps freshen the air, too. NASA’s Clean Air study showed that a variety of common indoor plants were effective at releasing some oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide and certain indoor pollutants. Few things prove more relaxing than a breath of fresh air.

4. Add to the Aesthetic with Art

One of the key things you’ll notice at a high-end spa is the artwork. It’s often minimal, but it’s designed to enhance the aesthetic by making rooms feel not only more beautiful, but relaxing, too.

What type of art should you choose? That’s completely up to you! Pick things that evoke the mood you want, whether that is tranquil landscapes, bold abstract art, or some other theme that helps put you in the perfect frame of mind.

5. Mirrors Make Spaces Seem Expansive

Mirrors are another great option to enhance your décor — and that’s because they’re not only useful, but also because they lend an effect similar to what you’d experience if you had extra windows within the room. Reflections make the space seem larger, and they also help to brighten a bathroom by reflecting light around the room.

Upgrading the mirror above your vanity with a larger one is an option that you can pursue, but feel free to hang them elsewhere in your bathroom, too! More mirrors will only add to the ambient light and the sense of space.

6. New Flooring to Make Your Spa Experience Fabulous

Depending on your budget, a flooring upgrade might be in order to really make your at-home spa experience feel luxurious. With this kind of upgrade, it’s all about the experience. If you want to maximize the brightness of the room, choose tiles in light shades — or go dark to create a bold contrast.

Materials are important, too. Your flooring of choice should feel good beneath bare feet while lending to the aesthetic you’re creating. Stone tile gives you a very natural look, for example, but you can also opt for smooth marble, ceramic tiles, or even a beautifully polished wood floor.

7. Creative Storage Adds a Finishing Touch

If you’re a regular spa patron, then one thing you’ll notice is that many spas treat storage as part of the décor. The essentials, like Q-tips and cotton balls, often feature prominently in pretty glass jars on countertops where they’re easily accessible — and look nice, too. You’ll never see the plastic packaging that these things came in! By doing the same, you can free up a little bit of space in your medicine cabinet while creating a thoughtful display that ramps up that spa feeling.

And it’s not just cotton balls and Q-tips. Take the time to roll towels nicely before putting them away on shelves. If you’re a fan of bath bombs, most available today are meant to be as beautiful as they are enjoyable to use. Show them off by placing them in a basket near the tub. Anything you can do to minimize clutter while adding little decorative touches will help create a more restful environment.

Looking for more ways to create an at-home spa experience during the pandemic? Check out some of our products! You’ll find bath bombs, relaxation aids, skin care products, and more.

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