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7 Tips to Set the Mood for Your At-Home Spa Experience

August 4, 2020
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If you’ve been following along, then you’ve seen the first two posts about recreating the spa experience at home. The first focuses on interior design while the second talks about all the accessories you’ll need to pamper yourself. These two areas will definitely put you on the path to transforming your bathroom into an at-home spa, but to complete the experience, we recommend a few last things that will help set a mood that’s perfect for you.

1. Set the Mood with Music

Decor sets the tone, and this tip helps you take it to the next level. Incorporating music allows you to fill the air with any sounds you desire. For most people, this means choosing music that will help you relax and disconnect — which gives you an advantage over a trip to the spa, since you’ll be in complete control of the playlist!

2. Invite All Your Senses to Relax

Scents give you many ways to enhance the atmosphere. For an envigorating experience, try eucalyptus or mint. Lavender and rose are calming scents, and citrus is ideal for relaxation. Choose a scent to enhance the effect you want from the experience.

To deliver your chosen scents, there are many options to choose from, but don’t forget the simplest one: Just add a drop or two of the scent to your bathwater. There are also oil warmers, reed diffuses and nebulizers, too.

3. Soothe Your Soul with Candles

Few things are so soothing as the soft flicker of candlelight. That’s why candles are perfect to create a truly spa-like atmosphere. If you so choose, they can be unscented, or you can choose candles to match the scent you’ve chosen for your experience.

4. Recreate Your Ideal Retreat With Temperature

Most people don’t pause to consider temperature before taking a soak in the tub. So long as it’s comfortably warm, that’s good enough. But let’s say you’re trying to recreate a certain atmosphere, like for example, the cold springs that are so popular in Asia during hot summers. Open a window to let the cool breeze in or keep it closed to give yourself the feel of a sauna. If your bath is all about refreshment, then you might want to cool your warm water down just a bit. Conversely, if you enjoy the sauna experience, then don’t hesitate to steam it up!

5. Add Opulence to Your Bath

If you plan to take a soak in the tub then there are lots of things you can add to the water in order to make the experience feel richer and fuller. Bath salts and essential oils are popular choices to add scents and therapeutic effects to the water, but you can also add other things, like activated charcoal or minerals, each of which brings its own set of benefits. Activated charcoal, for instance, clings to dirt and impurities, which will leave you feeling cleaner and fresher after the bath.

6. Bring the Outside In

Greenery will give you a lovely sense of freshness, but potted plants aren’t the only outdoor elements you can bring inside. On spa day, you can pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers to enliven the room. Sprigs of greenery work almost as well as potted plants to give your bathroom color and a natural vibe, and you can also decorate with natural elements like pinecones or pretty stones if you’re looking for a rustic kind of mood.

7. Treat Your Tastebuds

Spa day is about the senses, including taste. Treat youself with fresh fruits, nuts, a cup of tea or some other healthy snack that you enjoy. Indulgence is another possibility. Chocolates and a well-chosen glass of wine can make your experience feel complete — and perfectly luxurious.

Flavors, scents, the perfect temperature, and soothing music in the air — these are the things you need to create the perfect at-home spa experience.

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