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7 Spa Accessories That Will Transform Your Bathroom Into a Retreat

August 4, 2020
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When you’re transforming your bathroom into the perfect spa retreat, that’s the time to invest in yourself. You’re worth it — and one of the best ways to treat yourself to a truly luxurious experience is with quality accessories that will leave you feeling completely pampered throughout your spa day. Brushes, loofahs, towels, a cozy robe — the choices are virtually limitless. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions!

1. Perfect Exfoliation with Loofahs and Sponges

Exfoliation is an essential part of spa day, and you should have a variety of tools on hand for the occasion! You may not want to stop at just one loofah or sponge. There are so many varieties available, all in different textures and materials, and each offers a different level of exfoliation. For gentle exfoliation, consider an all-natural soft ocean sponge. Shower poufs offer slightly more exfoliation. If you really feel the need to scrub, try an Egyptian loofah, which is a bit harder and features a rougher texture, perfect for removing dead skin.

2. Soothe and Scrub at the Same Time with Silicone Tools

If you’ve not invested in silicone scrubbers and brushes, now might be the time to try them! These generally offer a moderate level of exfoliation — not too rough, but not too gentle, either. Best of all, there are so many shapes and sizes available that you can select from among them to target different areas. Smaller silicone scrubbers are a great way to begin a facial, while silicone bath mitts are ideal for the rest of your body. You’ll find brushes for your back, foot scrubbers and just about every other kind of exfoliator you can imagine.

3. Polish Your Skin with the Perfect Brush

You’ve probably purchased drugstore bath brushes before only to find yourself disappointed when the bristles are too rough, or they start falling out after just a few uses. When it comes to brushes that you’ll use over and over, it’s worth it to spend a bit more on something amazing. Shop around higher-end brushes, and you’ll see beautiful wood finishes along with soft bristles that will last for quite a long time. There are several different types, too: Small circular brushes to target specific areas, palm-style brushes for an all-over scrub, and long-handled back brushes so you can pamper hard to reach spots, too.

4. Wrap Yourself in Comfort with Cozy Towels

For the true spa experience, any old set of towels won’t do! Shopping for the perfect towels is a lot like shopping for sheets. Of course, you’ve got the colors to think about, and then there are the sizes. Standard bath towels are 27” by 52”, the size that you’re most likely used to. But if you’d like to completely wrap yourself in luxury? Opt for a bath sheet, which is 35” by 60”.

You’ll also want to choose from among different weights and different types of cotton. Where weights are concerned, towels are measured in grams per square meter, or GSM, with the numbers ranging between 300 and 900. The smaller the number, the thinner and lighter the towel, which means it’ll dry faster but not feel quite as plushy. When you examine different types of cotton, you’ll find Turkish cotton is most popular in spas and high-end hotels because these towels tend to be thicker and are of a more luxurious construction.

5. Feel Like Royalty in the Right Robe

If you thought there were lots of options for towels, when it comes to a robe, the sky is the limit. Silk, cashmere, microfiber, terry cloth, flannel and more. To make the right choice, start with the weight of the fabric, and use that to guide your choices — thick and plush, light and sleek, or somewhere in between. From there, you can decide on other features, like whether you’d enjoy a longer or shorter robe, or whether you’d like sleeves that are easily rolled up.

6. Indulge in Soft Slippers

Planning to treat yourself to a pedicure? Then you should also treat yourself to a comfortable pair of slippers, too! Few things feel nicer than soft footwear on freshly pedicured feet. Look for features that ramp up the comfort: fleece lining, memory foam soles, and soft fabrics.

7. Cradle Your Head with a Tub Pillow

If you’ve not already invested in a pillow for your tub, then this is the finishing touch you need for the ultimate in relaxation. Choosing the right one means balancing comfort and ease of cleaning. A good pillow will cradle your head and neck as you relax in a hot bath. It should also be mold and mildew resistant, and if it features a fabric cover, it should be easily removable so that you can wash it after the bath. Vinyl and PVC covers are also good choices that are easy to keep clean.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy nice accessories on spa day. Treat yourself to some of these things so that you can recreate the feeling of a high-end spa in the comfort of your own home!

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