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About Us

My Riviera Life was founded to bring the healing power of CBD into your daily ritual. It’s our mission to create the highest quality CBD products that could easily be used in your day to day, contributing to a sense of peace and balance. 

Our founder, Phillip Pennestri, discovered the miraculous benefits of CBD when searching for pain relief after a double hip replacement. He searched for alternatives to prescription medication and discovered CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is derived from the hemp plant, related to the marijuana plant, specifically the Sativa family, but with no THC and no psychoactive effects.  He tried different dosages and different ways of taking or applying the product, started to experience real relief, that changed his life so much, that he thought, “God must have made this for me. I must share this with everyone.” And thus, in 2017, My Riviera Life, was born in Santa Barbara, California, the American Riviera. 

Our CBD is lab-tested and full spectrum, meaning we use all of the CBD that is extracted from the plant to provide maximum efficacy, using a non-chemical CO2 process. There are few or no side effects, it’s non-addictive, and you can’t overdose.

We strive to inspire the Riviera Lifestyle and extend relaxation through all of our wellness products.

All My Riviera Life products are


Organically Grown Hemp
All Natural
THC Free
Made in the U.S.A.
No Harsh Chemicals
Eco Friendly
Gluten Free
Good manufacturing practice,
Quality Product
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